Where are you now?

Heellllooo from New Mexico. Flying High!

We’ve been traveling around the US and Canada since August 2016 looking for where we wanted to set down some roots for the next phase of life.   You may have been following my travels on Facebook where I shared some highlights of the many special places we were blessed enough to visit.  I won’t say it was luck, because we made the choices to experience what we wanted.

At present, we’re settling into Albuquerque, New Mexico, the Hot Air Balloon capital of the world.  It’s certainly a sight to see  “balloons up” almost every day, or flying directly over our home.  Oh, and of course, there is always the annual Balloon Fiesta in October each year where hundreds of balloonists gather for a celebration of all things ‘hot-air balloon’.   It’s a sight to see and certainly an exciting experience to go up in a hot air balloon when there are dozens of balloons flying.   It’s here where I realized that ballooning is actually a lot like real life.

“How’s that?” you ask.

You see,  a balloon pilot cannot steer the balloon.  They are dependent on air flow, air temperature.  They can certainly control going up and coming down.  They can turn the balloon around with the use of flaps, but they can’t actually steer it.  That makes it exciting for the pilot, as they try to navigate to a location and a bit of a challenge for the chase crew to follow and meet up as the balloons comes in for a landing. The challenge for the pilot is to set a goal of where they like to end up and see how close they come to it.

I realized  this is exactly how life is.   We set a goal or a desire and we take action to move toward that goal.  We survey the landscape to determine what it will take to reach that destination.  We equip ourselves with skills, knowledge, courage and tools as we set out on the journey.   We enlist support to help us reach our goal or minimally be there when we don’t to help us pack up the pieces and prepare for another attempt.  Then we take flight and hope for the best.

Life is flow. You see we were never meant to be so specific in our planning.   An experienced “life pilot” understands that they are being guided by something bigger.  We get an inclination, an nudge in a direction, but when we are too controlling within our lives, we immediately go to the place of the ego mind planning out how we will reach that goal.  Sometimes we get really attached to that specific destination.  We set expectations of how and when we’ll reach the goal.  They we do everything we can to achieve it.  However, if the course changes, or the outcome changes or our expectations weren’t met, we become dissatisfied.  Often we blame ourselves or others.  It’s as if the specific destination is all that matters.  We’ve all heard the phrase ” it’s about the journey, not the destination” but few really put that ideology into practice in their lives.

Our lives were never meant to be a planned journey.  Truthfully, I don’t know anyone, even the best of planners, who can say their life experiences and journey turned out exactly as they planned.   With this knowledge that few plans every work out exactly as anticipated, many still continue clutching to the idea that they have control.   So how can giving up the illusion of control help us?

We are a “blended being”: a combination of the physical and Spirit. Your Spirit or Higher Self is larger, more powerful, more connected, more knowing, more loving, fearless,  is oriented to Source Light, and cannot/will not steer you into the deep dark.  If we learned to trust in our higher consciousness, we could escape the trap and illusion of control.  We can learn to trust our journey even when we don’t know where we will land.  When we do, we can glide through life with ease, flying high above everything.   In the silence, away from the noise, we can hear all that is Divine within us, decide on our aim and explore new territory with new perspectives.  We can find joy and peace. Fly high in 2018!



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