There are 5 types of stress: mental, physical, emotional, nutritional and toxic.More importantly all of them affects all aspects of life.

We help educate you to understand how stress is impacting you, where it comes from, and options you can employ to reduce stress. We’ll teach practical techniques you can learn in minutes and apply anywhere. We provide energy healing strategies for reducing the stress in and around your physical body. We provide mental conditioning to mitigate and reduce stress using hypnosis and other coaching techniques.

Not everyone is aware of all the ways that stress affects the body, mind and spirit. Most people have learned mechanisms to tolerate stress. However tolerating stress without actively working to reduce, manage or mitigate leads people to accept more and more stress everyday.

Here are just some symptoms that can be attributed to stress.

Physical – Muscle / Joint Ache – Inflammation – Digestive Issues – Fatigue – Hives/Rashes – Hypertension – Loss of Sex Drive – Poor Immunity.

Emotional – Mood Issues – Anxiety – Depression – Intolerance – Aimlessness – Low Motivation – Less Compassion- Overwhelm_ Uncontrolled Crying or Rage,

Behavioral – Nutritional Choices – Sleep Issues – Accidents/Mishaps – Procrastination – Substance Abuse – Low Motivation – Fidgetty – Lack of Control.

Mental – Memory Issues – Concentration Issues – Negativity – Confusion – Burnout – Worry – Lack of Focus- Apathy – Speech Disturbances

We have a limited capacity to tolerate stress without suffering physical, emotional, mental or practical problems. When we reach the tipping point, we become overwhelmed and face challenges in addressing these issues and situations. In overwhelm, you become challenged to find a solution because now you’re looking at a variety of stressors that seem insurmountable.

When you understand how stress affects you, your physical body, your mood, your thoughts and your heart, you can learn techniques, that provide you relief and promote ease. You will understand the importance of managing stress.

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