Looking for the best of both worlds? Using a dual treatment approach you receive two types of energy healing simultaneous that work in coordination toward your specific goals.

Try our cutting-edge treatment pioneered by us in late 2017. We developed this new method of applying energy healing that magnifies and stabilizes results quickly.

What to Expect? An initial consult by phone or in person. We do a more comprehensive intake/assessment at your first appointment. Once on the massage table, (fully clothed), Nora Helbich facilitates the dual treatment using medical intuition and energy healing on the body, balancing energies and removing blocks. Simultaneously, Lee Woodburn provides corresponding and supporting Acutonics and Biosonics sound therapies. At these therapies are administered, Nora aids the energy movement and releases, resulting from the sound therapies, while providing ongoing feedback to Lee for any modifications as needed.

Clients may fall asleep or move into a mindful or meditative state during the session, and report feeling significantly more comfort, relaxation and balance immediately that continues to provide healing and tuning for the days ahead. Many of our clients are booking regular appointments to maintain these dynamic tunings.