Generally speaking, medical intuition is the utilization of a focused, intuitive (psychic) ability to feel, sense, or “intuitively see” the energetic and frequency information in and around the human body. The talent to use these intuitive skills can often be one of the psychic abilities one has been gifted with along with other psychic or intuitive skills.

Generally speaking, all dis-ease and dis-comfort arises from uncontrolled stressors on the body. These stressors lead to forms of inflammation that left untreated over time manifest as physical symptoms. A medical intuitive is a person who uses their highly-tuned intuitive abilities to identify root and other contributing causes to physical issues, illnesses and injuries.

Often these roots can be emotional or spiritual in nature, as these old wounds and scars can create barriers to balance in the energetic body. A Medical Intuitive reading offers insights into unseen factors that when revealed offer the client options and opportunities to restore health and wellness.

As Medical Intuitive, I am not licensed to provide a diagnosis. Instead I offer information from reading of the energy field of the body. I provide information on areas of concern. I feel/sense/know/see barriers to healing or factors involved in dis-ease. While they can be physical, there can often be emotional or energetic/spiritual factors contributing to the lack of overall health. I offer suggestions, behavioral changes, and resources to improve the body’s natural healing capability to restore vibrant health and wellness.

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