Healing in the Strangest Places

This year 2019 offers each of us the greatest support for transformative releasing and healing so far. The increasing energies of ascension are moving us forward at record speed. Fear not that it’s taking a long time, we really are moving through things much faster than ever before.

As an Intuitive Healer, I am keenly aware of these energies and how they show up in my own journey. Of course then, there are those divinely-inspired moments of healing in the strangest places, when you least expect it. This is one of those stories that I hope will help illustrate how these energies are working in our lives today.

My relationship with my father was strained at best and estranged for more than a decade before his death. It was several years ago, and through my own healing journey I have come to understand our relationship in new ways. I’ve processed that understanding, my forgiveness and truly moved on. I no longer feel pain in reviewing that relationship or it’s purpose in my life. I believed I had released it all.

Now, I’m fortunate to have met some extremely talented singer/songwriters recently who, without their knowledge, are performing live sound healing. Their art comes from their experiences and their heart. They live their joy and love. They are high-vibration women honoring their paths. This is what they came here to do and you can feel it in their presence.

At a recent ‘house concert’ of these beautiful women, the usual ‘lovefest’ of like-hearted souls charged the entire space with the palpable frequency of joy. We were all high on it: the performers, the audience and I’m sure the world vibration was uplifted because of it. Seriously, you can’t know unless you experience them.

So there I was feeling connected, feeling the vibe, feeling my heart sing along. The venue offered the performers a chance to share the background for some of the songs. Certainly the meaning could be felt as it wafted around the room carried gently by the melody. Who couldn’t relate to a challenging relationship embedded in love?

Then it started gradually, a slow creeping feeling: a heaviness that I couldn’t explain, I didn’t understand what had shifted or changed my mood. I rallied myself and focused on the sounds, the vibration, the love. I was thoroughly enjoying the event, yet I couldn’t seem to shake the sadness. The weight stayed with me all night after I left the event. I sat in observation, allowing myself the feel of it all, but certainly confused with the contrast of being in such a high vibration, yet feeling this heavy sadness bearing down on me. I went to bed.

That night, I experienced my first-ever ‘visitation’ dream. In it, my father appeared, and we just exchanged what was probably the most loving, forgiving, and authentic embrace of love and respect that I had ever experienced with him. Then it was over.

When I awoke that morning, the memory was clear but distant, as if it didn’t hold much importance, and I went on with my day. However, I still couldn’t shake this heaviness completely. I ignored it and proceeded with my tasks as planned. Finally after a few hours the deep sadness was bearing down again and now my thoughts were distracting me from the work at hand. I couldn’t focus and I was feeling more and more emotional. I had to take a look at what this was.

I sat in quiet contemplation, asking the important questions. What am I feeling? Why these thoughts? Why is this happening? What does it mean for me?

What I realized is that old grief was releasing itself from my body. Grief I didn’t even know I was holding. I let the tears fall. But why now? I realized that the night before I was in the optimum frequency for healing. I was present, engaged, feeling my way along the uplifting frequency emanating from these instruments of love. I was open to release and heal anything that no longer resonated with these higher frequencies.

My body let go. My energy body let go. My mind let go. My heart let go. Another episode of deep releasing facilitated through sound healing and the miracle of love.

So let yourself be. Enjoy every moment. Love freely. Open yourself to your greatest potential by being present with gratitude and love in each moment. The lower vibrations of pain, fear, and loss cannot hold in the light of love. From the higher vibration you are clearer to express your divine light of love that anchors you here in All That Is. You can never know how your expression of light will touch another soul. Do the world a favor.. honor yourself and what you feel you came here to do. We all need more this kind of love.

with much gratitude and peace,


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