At New Day we believe that education is the foundation to self-understanding, healing and growth. We host engaging and informative experiences that help you to live your greatest potential. This “In-person” model helps you become part of the experience and energy of the session. Information can then unfold naturally, specific to the needs of those present. That’s something that can’t be obtain in online or self-study classes. Students often experience healing moments at New Day Healing events.

That’s why we host a variety of events, lectures, seminars, workshops and classes. Topics range from all things related to healing and energy medicine, sound healing, personal development, psychic-skills development, spiritual and energetic living, and more

Our Events are listed through A ‘free to join’ organization that links you to like-minded individuals. I’ve been running my Albuquerque events through this page since 2017. So click the link below to see all our event listings.

When you join our Meetup Group, you can get notification by email of our events and happenings.

New Day Healing – Events with Nora Helbich

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Are you looking for greater understanding of your life, your experiences and the world around you? Are you seeking like-minded individuals who can talk about meaningful and im…

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Thursday, Apr 4, 2019, 7:00 PM
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