Cleaving The Before

And there it stood! As it came into view, prominent, towering, vast. A testament to the lost loves, the lost hopes, the lost dreams. Frozen ages ago where the air and light could not help it heal. Grief.

In the awakening process of conscious ascension, life as we know it, falls away. As with all loss we have an emotional response of grief. Processing that grief from all our bodies (emotional, mental, physical, energetic, spiritual) is important to the journey of healing and growth. Grief triggers all other grief. It’s important to know that the grief response applies not only to our loved ones, pets, but extends to all things through our connection to the infinite energetic field. We suffer grief through personal, local or global violence, abuse and neglect. We suffer grief for the losses of others. We suffer grief in those moments we let go of ‘the before’. We suffer grief in those moments when we don’t even try because of lost hopes or silenced dreams. Each of us knows grief on a unique personal level.

This amazing energy of healing, 2019 connects us through the heart. It brings a warmth and nurturing: the thaw to the frozen Before. The energy of grief fueling greater growth and potential.

The Before: The moments we can’t get back. Those times when we didn’t know any differently or didn’t know any better. Those times we knew better but our fear, longing or pain kept us from honoring our truths. Those times we didn’t know what to say or do to change things so we swallowed what we were fed, letting that fuel our growth, our beliefs. The Before holds our identity, our safety and version of comfort whether or not it was comfortable at all. The Before has stood guarding us, protecting us, setting limits to our exposure, our vulnerability. Nothing lasts forever, not even The Before.

In the ascension and awakening process The Before cleaves away slowly until the balance between The Before and The Now falls away, much like the glacier under the weight of thaw. As the Before crashes into the Flow, the waves of change strike everything close with great force. They diminish as they travel into the Flow sending quieter ripples that gently strike distance objects.

In the aftermath of the cleaving away The Now stands brilliant, transparent, gleaming in the light of day. A fresh surface to reflect the purest of light. As The Before moves slowly away, more and more light is reflected off The Now. The clarity displaying a fresh side of What Always Was. Even as The Now stands proudly in the light, the long shadows of The Before loom over it. The Now still shines. The shadow diminishes as The Before reintegrates into the energy of All That Is: absorbed back into it’s original form, always remaining part of everything. The Now doesn’t grieve The Before, as it has not lost anything. Instead a part of itself changed form as all things do and all things will. Even the Now, will become The Before while What Always Was becomes What Always Will Be.

One can grieve and honor the past without desire to carry it forward in the future. So it is important to heal grief so that what remains as a creative force in your future is only the original essential love borne of those experiences.

Peace & Healing

Nora Helbich

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