2019 – Time to Run Free

During the last quarter of each year, I receive information from Source that provides guidance about what is needed to move through the year ahead. I receive messages or downloads about what the energy of the year will bring and how that energy is supporting us in our growth and evolution. No one is immune or above these energies and everyone will deal with something in their lives relative to this energy regardless of who you are, what you know and how you live. We are ALL evolving.

I’ve been tracking the continuously evolving energies since 2011 and we ARE progressing. It may feel like things have been a struggle or challenge for a long time. In fact, we’ve be working through this stuff all our lives but I offer you the power of 2019. This year offers us the support to clear away and release old programs that keep us from connecting, owning and expressing our personal power with ease and grace, even in the face of fear.

We’ve been learning about ourselves over the last several years and how we can deliberately choose to expand and evolve our consciousness. Through this expansion we connect to our personal power. We’ve made great progress! I’ll repeat that, so YOU hear it clearly. We have made great progress! Acknowledge and own your growth for YOU were the one who got you to this point. Even if you worked with teachers, guides, healers or the like, it is through your own efforts that you have reached this point. No one did the work for you. No one else knows what you have faced or what it has taken to get to this point. Embrace yourself, express gratitude for all you’ve learned about yourself and how far you have come. Just think back to where you were in 2010 and you will realize how much you’ve grown and how your life has changed for the better. Make sure you mark this success. Self-Acknowledgement will help support your continued growth in Self-care and Self-Expression.

Pay attention to whatever voice tells you that it hasn’t been enough, that you’re not far enough along, that you should be at a different place, at a different level, or that “I can’t believe I’m here again”. These are the long standing self-judgments that have been programmed into us all along. They continue to require our attention and focus to release these old patterns. You’re doing great, don’t let your ego mind tell you differently. The ego mind will immediately bring up all the old stories that will reinforce that these feelings are ‘still’ present. Don’t let those stories pull you in the past. You aren’t there.

The discomfort, contrast, or challenge that you may be feeling is, in most likelihood, old issues ready for release. You’ve not fallen backwards. You’re not stuck. You’ve not failed. You’re experiencing the results of your hard work of personal evolution and healing. You’ve done the deep work needed to root out these old issues and energies that remain in your body/mind. They’ve been blocking you like little 6-inch hurdles you’ve been stepping over for a long time. As you step over each one, you remain comfortable in the knowledge that those hurdles are old, outdated and you’re capable of clearing them with ease. Yet, when they appear on the surface carrying the emotional wounds of the past, the ego mind retells the old stories and you listen. That’s why you’re feeling them so viscerally. You’ve brought them to the surface so they can finally be released. Congratulations!

2019 is providing you the greatest opportunity so far to move into your personal power. Let this year be the year that you finally claim it, own it and express it. It’s not about being perfect, or attaining some level of experience or success, but to face the old stories and beliefs that keep us hiding from our magnificence or stepping into our power. It’s not enough to clear the hurdles of life anymore, it’s time to remove the hurdles and change the track altogether. It’s time to run free!

I believe in US!

Nora Helbich

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