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Few Words of Praise

Paula S.
Paula S.Medical Intuitive Reading Client

"Nora is amazing! She intuitively zeroed in on my problem – chronic hives- and was able to provide the causes and avenues of healing. I know I can trust Nora with any problem. She responds with compassion and otherworldly knowledge. Thank you Nora!"

Kathy K.
Kathy K.Dual Treatment Client

I came to Lee and Nora for help with a pain that had begun shortly after radiation treatment. Together they provided their dual treatment and educated me on things I could do to get rid of the pain if it returned. Later, I returned to address another chronic daily pain issue. The dual treatment took less than an hour and resolved the pain in one session. I was impressed with both the good results and the seamless way they worked together and gave advise after the treatments.

Kristin H.
Kristin H.Coaching Client

"Nora is an incredibly special person who has the ability to lift the human spirit. I found Nora during a very difficult period in life. She was instrumental in helping me change my life. It's hard to put into words how special and supportive Nora is. I think of her often and still use the tools that she gave me for living my best life. Nora's gift of healing is something I hope many people can experience."

Latest Articles - Life In The Moments.

Cleaving The Before

And there it stood! As it came into view, prominent, towering, vast. A testament to the lost loves, the lost hopes, the lost dreams. Frozen ages ago where the air and light could not help it heal. Grief. In the awakening process of conscious ascension, life as we know it, falls away. As with all …

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Healing in the Strangest Places

This year 2019 offers each of us the greatest support for transformative releasing and healing so far. The increasing energies of ascension are moving us forward at record speed. Fear not that it’s taking a long time, we really are moving through things much faster than ever before. As an Intuitive Healer, I am keenly …

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2019 – Time to Run Free

During the last quarter of each year, I receive information from Source that provides guidance about what is needed to move through the year ahead. I receive messages or downloads about what the energy of the year will bring and how that energy is supporting us in our growth and evolution. No one is immune …

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